By hiring In House Tradesmen, we at CCS Inc have the ability to offer quality services in plenty of areas of expertise. Here is the full list of Service Offerings at CCS Inc.

Cabinetry/Plastic Laminates/Solid Surfacing:

  • Repair & Restoration

  • Cabinet Fronts

  • Counter Tops & Credenzas

  • Custom Work Areas | Desks, Shelves, Partitions, Multimedia Boards, Media Centers

  • Design


  • General & Custom Skills

Commercial Finish Out:

  • Wall Erections

  • Drop Ceilings

  • Complete Remodels & Renovations

Concrete Coring:

  • Coring

  • Sawing

  • Installation of Pipe Bollards

Floor Coverings:

  • Wood Floors | Installation & Finish

  • Vinyl Composition Tile

  • Ceramic/Quarry Tile

  • Carpet | Roll or Squares

  • Wall Base | Wood, Rubber Cove, Carpet


  • Service

  • Repairs

  • New Installations

  • Clean Up/Make Ready | Temporary, Special Events, Emergency

  • Relocations & Moving

  • Assembly & Installations | Factory Products, Cubicle Furniture, Wall Hangings, Bulletin Boards, etc.

  • Winter Safety Precautions | DeIcing, Sanding & Parking, Staging, Sidewalks & Drive Aisles 

  • Janitorial Services | Residential & Commercial 

  • Any tasks that require Man-Power *

* Concord Commercial Services, Inc., recognizes the need for professional trade skills, but also provides trained personnel to meet the many and various daily small task items that arise in every work environment.  These needs, though small, can cause major disruptions or nuisances in the daily operations of each facility.  We strive to meet these needs immediately regardless of the size of task, the facility location, the time of day, or the day of the week.​


  • Lawn Care

  • Sprinkler Systems | Service, Repair, New Installations

  • Seeding/Mulching/Sod

  • Shrubs & Trees

  • Flowers & Foliage


  • Brick

  • Block

  • Stucco/Efis


  • Preparation

    • Standard Hand Tool Preparations​

    • Tape, Bed, & Textures

    • Sand Blasting

    • Water Blasting

    • Chemical Stripping

  • Applications

    • Standard Brush & Roll​

    • Airless Spray

    • Pavement Stripping & Markings

    • Electrostatic Finishes

    • Conveyor Systems

    • Stains & Lacquers


  • Servicing

  • Repair Work

  • New Installations

  • Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters

Pedestrian/Overhead Doors:

  • Service | Preventative Maintenance & Emergency

  • Repair Work

  • New Installations

Small Task Items:


  • Repairs

  • Ornamental Steel

  • Custom Fabrications

  • Conveyor | Repair, Modifications, Preventative Maintenance

  • Building Erection


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